Five Years In

Five years ago yesterday, I attended my dear friend Alison’s wedding (Happy Anniversary!), where I danced all night with her cousin, Sean. Now on our fifth date-iversary, Sean and I are packing up our Soho apartment and preparing for our move back to the West Coast.

Instead of British Columbia, this time we’re relocating to my hometown of Pleasanton, California, where Sean’s office is opening up its American headquarters. And I get to be the Science Lab Teacher at an elementary school in the town of Danville, a few miles north! Meanwhile, Alison and her husband, Cameron, and their two adorable sons are moving from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon. We’re feeling the typical mix of emotions people feel when moving — sadness, nostalgia, anxiety, excitement, and hope. We will miss having the other Bournes just an iconic bridge away, but we are excited to watch their happy family thrive in Portland, and it will be so convenient having them halfway in between our new home and Sean’s hometown of Vancouver, BC!


Selfie cred: Alison // Location: Lincoln Center


Leaving New York is something I’ve thought about ever since we moved here, 18 months ago. We always knew this was temporary, so I believe we’ve done a really good job making it count! We have checked pretty much everything off our NYC bucket lists — broadway shows, museums, landmarks, sporting events, etc. The final two items we need to check off in the next month are:

  1. Going to the top of the Empire State Building
  2. Visiting Staten Island, the only borough we’ve never stepped foot in

Even with our checklist completed, we will be sad to leave this incredible city and the friends that we’ve made here. We’re thankful for planes, trains, automobiles, and the fact that our new place will have a spare room for our friends and family who span the entire globe.

Since it is our date-iversary, I’m reflecting on the past five years of my life with Sean:

6/26/2011: just getting to know each other during the post-wedding celebrations

6/26/2012: I had just moved to Thailand, and we went to Surat Thani with some friends. Here we are in the rainforest:


: Another Thai anniversary — heere we are eating mango and sticky rice on Sukhumvit 38:

6/26/2014: In June 2014, we were getting ready to get married, visiting California’s wine country with Aunt Becky, pre-wedding-honeymooning in Zurich, and partying it up with Sean’s cousins in Barcelona





6/26/2015: Last year we celebrated Pride in NYC after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage (love wins!)

6/26/2016: Sean made us fish tacos, and our little apartment is in boxes. I’ll miss our cool brick wall.




The Bournes & The Bournes

Sean and I had the Brooklyn Bournes over for dinner in our tiny Manhattan apartment tonight, and we all had a lovely time.


Dinnertime for the grown-ups!




Eland and his mama


Uncle Sean with Miles


Miles, going over a letter Sean and I got from the bank, and Eland in the foreground


So sweet!


Hi Iggy!


Playin’ around

The younger Bournes ate their macaroni & cheese with carrots, followed by the adult Bournes enjoying some red wine, lentils with honey-roasted carrots, kale, and latkes…while the young ones played. And then the six of us ended the evening with ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies.



coriander close-up


kale close-up


cilantro close-up


our California wines for the evening


crooked dinner plate

It was such a fun time, and I saved the best photo for last:


Eland loves his Uncle Sean! (For the record, neither of these Bourne men were injured and both ended the night with smiles on their faces!)


I’m Married Now!

Sean and I tied the knot over the weekend, and it could not have gone any better. It was honestly the best day EVER. Our families and friends worked incredibly hard to make our day special, and it really was. My favourite thing about our wedding was that it was very organic and homemade. From homegrown flowers, home-sewn table runners, and handmade bouquets to my dad and my sister’s boyfriend playing guitar while my friend sang, I felt like Sean’s and my worlds came together in the most beautiful and personalized way possible. I will share photos over the next few weeks!

For now, check out my dear friend Elisabeth’s blog posts about the wedding and Vancouver in general.

Tacofino Commissary


2327 E. Hasting Street, Vancouver

Sean and I decided we’d want a taco truck to cater our wedding, and after consulting many a website about food truck reviews in Vancouver, we chose Tacofino. It’s been a pleasure working with their catering manager; she has been helpful and very friendly.

Tacofino is named for its original home, Tofino, a surf town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Now they’ve got food trucks and a commissary in Vancouver too.

Since neither Sean nor I had actually tried the tacos (Sean’s mom did, though, and she gave her initial approval!), we decided to make an evening of it. We went with Sean’s family a couple weeks ago; Sean and I both had one ling cod taco and one yam tempura taco. They were both delicious! The fish was fried to perfection, as were the sweet yams.

For dessert, we all shared the spicy chilli-laced chocolate cookies and an iced cold glass of horchata, a sweet Mexican rice milk beverage.

It was a lovely meal shared with my lovely future in-laws, and it made us all stoked to have Tacofino tacos at the wedding reception next month!

Tacofino gets 5 out of 5 too!

Our New Life in BC

Sean and I crossed the border into Canada after a long road trip from the Bay Area just 25 days ago. In those three weeks and four days’ time, a lot has happened!

Sean got a job working for a steel construction company. He’s learning how to be an estimator and getting to practice his project management skills.

We applied for permanent residency for me. That took about 12 hours, and the waiting game will take about 18 months (crossing our fingers for less).

I got accepted to a 200-hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training. The course is for six weeks this fall, five days a week, eight hours a day.

Water Street, where my program will be

my new yoga neighbourhood

We bought a car. He’s a Honda Fit, and his name is Finn. Finn has a manual transmission, which Sean loves, and which I am learning to operate. I really didn’t want to get a standard car, but I’m actually really enjoying learning. Sean is a very patient teacher!

We got an apartment in Vancouver. For the last three weeks, we’ve been staying in Surrey with Sean’s dad and stepmom. It’s been wonderful, and we’re so thankful that we had a welcoming home to stay in when we first moved up here. At the same time, we’re excited to be getting our own place; being in Vancouver will shorten Sean’s commute by quite a bit, and I’m looking forward to living in the city, relying on public transportation, and walking a lot!

[No photos yet — we move in August 2!]

I’ve been training for the Victoria marathon, which is on Canada’s Thanksgiving Day — October 12. My longest run so far was 18 miles (29 kilometers), which I did in Surrey. The area around Sean’s dad and stepmom’s house is perfect for long runs — forest with trails, the beach in White Rock, and long streets with few cars. I’ve also been able to do a couple runs in Vancouver while visiting Sean’s mom and sister.

We’ve also been wedding-planning. The big day is rapidly approaching, and we’re starting to get super excited! My favourite thing about our wedding will certainly be how personal every element of it is. Sean and I are blessed with crafty, detail-oriented, and event-planning-experienced family and friends. It’s going to be a beautiful, homemade day.

activity books for the kiddos

activity books for the kiddos

Sean’s mom surprised me with a Welcome-to-Canada Bridal Shower! The ladies who attended sang “Oh Canada” to me as I entered, and then they showered me with gifts that are Canadian-made and/or Canada-inspired (e.g., a maple leaf t-shirt and a box made by First Nations tribe members). The food at the party was also all local — salmon, local produce, and cupcakes with Canadian flags. It was beautiful and special and made me feel very welcome.

We’ve been missing our friends and family in Bangkok lately, along with our favourite Thai things: massages, coconuts, and lightening shows. But we’re also so happy to be in Vancouver, beginning the next chapter of our lives together.


Long-Distance, and I Don’t Mean Running

My fiancé and I were long-distance for 10 months while I taught my second full school year in San Jose and he started a new job in Bangkok, Thailand.

us with our pearl milk teas in Stanley Park, just before he moved to Thailand

us with our pearl milk teas in Stanley Park, just before he moved to Thailand

We then lived happily together for two years as he continued working for a great company and I taught in an international program at a Thai school.

the view from our Bangkok apartment

the view from our Bangkok apartment

Over those two years, the most time we spent apart was when he went on a business trip for three weeks. And that was hard!

We’ve now been apart for over five weeks. We’ve got about one more week as he finishes his job and moves out of our Bangkok apartment. While I’m having a blast spending time in my home state of California, I miss my other half. It’s nice knowing that we can survive anything, but we’re both ready to stick together!

I like him!

I like him!

Before I head to Vancouver to reunite with this guy, I’ve got posts planned about Pleasanton, Petaluma, San Francisco, and Julia Child. Stay tuned!

Any other long-distance survivors out there?!


My Bridal Shower

My Aunt Becky and my future cousin, Alison, hosted my bridal shower over the weekend, and my dear friend, Elisabeth, documented it for us! It was a wonderful, beautiful, sunny day full of all my favorite things: family, friends, quinoa, sugar-free gluten-free cupcakes, cookies (shaped like little tushies, no less!), and lovely flowers from the farmers’ market. And getting showered with gorgeous gifts was pretty amazing too!

Check out Elisabeth’s post about my shower on her awesome blog, Life in the Quick Lane.