Five Years In

Five years ago yesterday, I attended my dear friend Alison’s wedding (Happy Anniversary!), where I danced all night with her cousin, Sean. Now on our fifth date-iversary, Sean and I are packing up our Soho apartment and preparing for our move back to the West Coast.

Instead of British Columbia, this time we’re relocating to my hometown of Pleasanton, California, where Sean’s office is opening up its American headquarters. And I get to be the Science Lab Teacher at an elementary school in the town of Danville, a few miles north! Meanwhile, Alison and her husband, Cameron, and their two adorable sons are moving from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon. We’re feeling the typical mix of emotions people feel when moving — sadness, nostalgia, anxiety, excitement, and hope. We will miss having the other Bournes just an iconic bridge away, but we are excited to watch their happy family thrive in Portland, and it will be so convenient having them halfway in between our new home and Sean’s hometown of Vancouver, BC!


Selfie cred: Alison // Location: Lincoln Center


Leaving New York is something I’ve thought about ever since we moved here, 18 months ago. We always knew this was temporary, so I believe we’ve done a really good job making it count! We have checked pretty much everything off our NYC bucket lists — broadway shows, museums, landmarks, sporting events, etc. The final two items we need to check off in the next month are:

  1. Going to the top of the Empire State Building
  2. Visiting Staten Island, the only borough we’ve never stepped foot in

Even with our checklist completed, we will be sad to leave this incredible city and the friends that we’ve made here. We’re thankful for planes, trains, automobiles, and the fact that our new place will have a spare room for our friends and family who span the entire globe.

Since it is our date-iversary, I’m reflecting on the past five years of my life with Sean:

6/26/2011: just getting to know each other during the post-wedding celebrations

6/26/2012: I had just moved to Thailand, and we went to Surat Thani with some friends. Here we are in the rainforest:


: Another Thai anniversary — heere we are eating mango and sticky rice on Sukhumvit 38:

6/26/2014: In June 2014, we were getting ready to get married, visiting California’s wine country with Aunt Becky, pre-wedding-honeymooning in Zurich, and partying it up with Sean’s cousins in Barcelona





6/26/2015: Last year we celebrated Pride in NYC after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage (love wins!)

6/26/2016: Sean made us fish tacos, and our little apartment is in boxes. I’ll miss our cool brick wall.




One thought on “Five Years In

  1. Anne Marie Bourne says:

    Hi Kate and Sean, That was an awesome post, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it to Rob. Awesome Bourne family pic x2! You have such a great way with words Kate, can’t wait to see you both. Winston had a great morning with Marilyn, he was a bit tentative at first, quite funny, he wouldn’t budge outside and sat on the curb where our car had been parked! Max, a friend’s dog came by and then he was all fun and playing and happy. We have been invited to dinner at Marilyn’s for Canada Day so we get to see you sooner, yippee! Sean, we unfortunately forgot your fishing gear in our haste to get out the door this morning, we should have had it at the door:( So let us know your arrival time Thursday and if it’s not too late we could bring it out to you. Love you lots Anne Marie and Rob Sent from my iPad


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